Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I'll be posting some good old fashioned nostalgia up in hurrrrr. Hope you all enjoy.

Today's item of nostalgia: POGS!

Hot damn son, if you grew up in America in the 90's, you remember these suckas.  Pogs were a fad popular in the mid-90's amongst young school kids.  They look bad*ss, right? You want to know how to play, right?  Let me explain this shi* to you squares in the house tonight.

How to play:
-You take a larger heavier disk, called a Slammer, and you slam it onto a stack of lighter, thinner disks (the pogs).  Whichever one lands face up, you get to keep.  Then your opponent gets his turn, and you continue back and forth till all the pogs are gone.

 Some Hardcore Slammers

 And...That's it!  Simple right?  Now that you know the basics, grab your best slammer and finest collection of pogs and meet me in the school parking lot in 15.  We 'bout to get down, and don't go cryin' to your mama cuz we playin' for keeps!