Sunday, October 31, 2010


In preparation for Halloween, I have a spooky classic for you all!

Goosebumps is a series of children's horror fiction novels created and authored by R. L. Stine.  There is also a television show based on the book series.

The primary protagonists of a Goosebumps story is often situated in a remote location or somehow isolated from typical societal conventions. This can be as simplistic as comfortable suburban areas, or as exaggerated as boarding schools, foreign villages, campsites, unfamiliar relatives' homes or oversea areas. Books frequently feature characters who either recently moved to a new neighborhood (Piano Lessons Can Be Murder, It Came From Beneath the Sink) or are on vacation with friends or relatives (the Monster Blood books, How to Kill a Monster, The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb). The books in the Goosebumps series usually feature semi-homogenous plot structures with normal kids being, frequently indirectly, involved in scary situations; chapters end in cliffhangers, and after the central conflict has either been or appears to have been resolved, there is often a twist ending. Following the conclusion of every Goosebumps book, Stine includes a one to three chapter preview of the next book in the series.

Season 2, Episode 1: The Haunted Mask
(full episode)

Hope you all have a great Halloween!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bill Nye The Science Guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy was an educational television program that originally aired from September 10, 1993, to February 20, 1998, hosted by Bill Nye and produced by Walt Disney Educational Services. The show aired on PBS Kids and was also syndicated to local stations. It still airs on some PBS stations as an educational program for in-school use. Each of the 100 episodes aims to teach a specific topic in science to a preteen audience. The show is frequently used in schools.

Bill Nye the Science Guy has been likened to a modern Mr. Wizard. Bill's TV persona is a tall and slender scientist wearing a blue lab coat and a bow-tie. He mixes the serious science of everyday things with fast-paced action and humor. Each show begins with Bill walking onto the set, called "Nye Labs", which is filled with scientific visuals (including many "of science" contraptions announced dramatically, such as "The slingshots of Science!") relevant to the topic of the show. Most episodes contain a mock song parody and music video in the "Soundtrack of Science" by "Not That Bad Records", substituting a scientific roundup of the episode for the lyrics to a popular song. Each show ends with Bill explaining his departure in a clever description of an activity on topic. The credits sometimes rolled next to a series of outtakes from the episode.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Are You Afraid of the Dark? is a television show that revolves around a group of teenagers who referred to themselves as "The Midnight Society". Every week, at a secret location in the woods, one member would tell a scary story to the group. The actual story, rather than the telling, was displayed to the television viewer. The story was shown between the group's arrival at the site and their departure. Each storyteller would begin their story by saying "Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story..." at which point they would toss out a handful of regular sugar[1](which the characters referred to as "midnight dust") from a leather pouch into a campfire to heighten the flames and produce an eerie white smoke. The storyteller would continue by announcing its title (The Tale of...).

The themes of the stories usually revolves around a variety of paranormal phenomena, such as ghosts, goblins, magic, Dragons, haunted houses, magical curses, aliens, witches and the like coming into contact with normal teenagers. Usually, the episodes were either filmed in the woods, in abandoned houses, or in public places like schools or libraries.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Grab Bag Volume 2: Theme Songs (Teenagers with Attitude)

This post is dedicated to awesome kids saving the world!

Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart!

Alpha! Recruit a team of teenagers with attitude!
(The only embeddable version available on Youtube. Blame the fascists)
Season one can be found here:

Digivolve...into CHAMPION!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grab Bag! Volume 1. Stay a while and listen!

Today I'm going to try something new.

I have no idea what this is called.

Dunk-a-Roos is a product from Betty Crocker (General Mills). It was first launched in 1988. It consisted of a snack-sized box that contained kangaroo-shaped cookies and either chocolate or vanilla frosting used as a dipping sauce. The cookies, which are cinnamon, honey graham, or chocolate chip in flavor, are meant to be dunked into the frosting before eaten and come in different shapes (biplane, bicycle, hot air balloon and the mascot's head). Usual frosting flavors include chocolate (with chocolate chip or honey graham cookies) and vanilla (with cinnamon cookies), and vanilla can also contain rainbow sprinkles.

Car Carpet City!

Aawwwww yeah, Diablo up in this bi***.  For those not in the know, Diablo is a dark fantasy-themed action role-playing game released by Blizzard Entertainment on January 2, 1997.  The quote you see on the right was a famous phrase uttered by the NPC (Non-player character) Deckard Cain.  Deckard Cain was a wizened old fellow choc-full of wisdom from ages passed who was nice at identifying items in a pinch.  Problem was every time you needed him to identify or ID something, he'd ask to you listen to him babble about lore and other crap. Who had time for that sh** when there were skeletons and demons and sh** to kill? Not me.

But wait, there's more!

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So as you can see, today's post was a little bit different from the older ones.  I'm thinking of making all my future posts like this but I need your input.  What do you guys think?  Should I focus on an in-depth discussion of one particular topic or more succinct descriptions of multiple subjects?

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Goldeneye 007

You know what I'm talking about.

Bungee jumping from the dam, Facility, Aztec Complex, Egyptian Temple, the PP7, the Golden Gun, Moonraker Laser, remote mines, dinner-jackets, f***ing scientists,  Oddjob, and sweet sweet Natalya...

...ahhhh memories!

The original, the classic, the legend!  Goldeneye for the N64 IS, undoubtedly one of the best first-person shooters ever created. Modern Warfare 2? F*** Modern Warfare 2.  Halo? Goldeneye wipes its a** with Halo.

This game had it all.  The single player was complex and completely immersed you in the role of James Bond.  The multi-player mode created a paradigm for all future first-person shooters to follow.  And let's not forget that baller a** music.  You know what I'm talking about.


Brb, hooking up my N64.  If you've got some free time, you can keep yourselves busy by reenacting scenes from the game.  Trust me, you'll get all the ladies.

Update: Nintendo is doing a remake of Goldeneye (WITH ONLINE MULTIPLAYER) for the Wii and it's expected to hit stores around November.  Be on the lookout!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Awww yeeah, it's about to get real intense in here.
What exactly is a Warhead, you ask?
Let's ask little Opie here.

Yeah, its kinda like that.

If you're trying to figure out what it is that could possibly do this to a young child, you probably spent your childhood on Mars.  Or your parents despised you enough to never buy you some of these suckers.  Either way, I truly feel sorry for you.

Warheads is a brand of hard sour candy that is popular amongst young schoolchildren around the world and especially in the United States. They are notorious for being sour as hell.  Do not be deceived by their small size.

Let's take a look at what the f*** is inside these miniature warheads that explode in your not like that.  According to Wikipedia:
Warheads derive their strong sour flavor primarily from malic acid which is applied as a coating to the outside of the small, hard candies.  The intense sour flavor fades after about 20 to 40 seconds. The hard candy itself contains the somewhat less sour ascorbic acid and citric acid. At the center of the hard candies is a small pocket of more malic acid.
Holy crap, these things have acid in them. That totally explains everything.  Not only does it contain acid, but this candy is actually acid covered in more acid with acid sprinkled on and packed with more acid.   And they sell this to little kids?  I bet the CIA is behind this...Anyways, back on topic.  Apparently there is some masochistic competition that goes on in schools to see who can eat the most warheads.

This guy's a little old to be considered a schoolkid, but still, I applaud his efforts.  Can you do any better?

Monday, October 4, 2010

This song.

I have nothing witty to say today. All I have for you is this song.
You nostalgia, you lose.

Fun Fact: The originally lyrics originally contained the phrase "If I were green I would die."

Friday, October 1, 2010

Saved by the Bell

Saved by the bell was a 90's sitcom that aired between 1989 and 1993.  I think what this show is remembered for most is the impeccable fashion sense and style of the students of Bayside High School.  Ahh...the 90's....Anyways, before I get too nostalgic, let's take a look at these bad*ss mofos.

The closest thing the 90's had to a Neil-Patrick Harris was Cool Incarnate Zack Morris.
Let's see you pull off all those bright colors.
*fap fap fap* Ohhh...Kelly Kapowski... *fap fap fap* Wait...what was I supposed to be doing...

According to my psychic reading, Screech, is the character you can most relate to.

Historical Fact: Only 3 men in the history of the universe have been able to pull off the jheri curl/mullet: Michael Jackson, AC Slater, and Eazy motherf***'n E

Where are they now?  Well if we cross our fingers, we may be able to see a reunion hosted by Jimmy Fallon.